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Instagram Story Starters & Tips

Instagram stories have been growing tremendously since their debut in 2016. Fast forward to 2021 and there are 500 million users watching Instagram stories daily (half of the platform’s 1 billion users!). With this in mind, Instagram stories are one of the most powerful tools the platform has, so if you’re not using this vital feature as part of your social media strategy, you’re definitely missing out!

While stories are crucial to your strategy, it’s not always easy to come up with daily content. To help you out, here are some starting points to help you with Instagram story ideas:

Quiz your followers or let them quiz you

Building a niche community with your followers on Instagram is enormously important. Create and keep the community spirit alive by regularly quizzing your followers or even let them quiz you about your industry, brand and really keep them entertained and engaged.

Promote, promote, promote!

A great story idea for those of you out there that produce content outside of Instagram on a website/blog. Utilise the swipe up feature (if you have it – you need 10,000 followers) or direct people to your bio or Linktree to read your content. Ideally, you’d only post these kinds of stories once a day, you don’t want to run the risk of pushing away your followers by promoting too much.

Share your new posts – get the word out!

We’re all aware, the Instagram algorithm isn’t always in our favour which means sometimes our posts aren’t shown to followers. Promote new posts on your stories to encourage your followers to engage with your latest content. ⁠This is also a great opportunity to use GIFs too (I love the ‘tap here’ GIFs and they work a treat!).

Conduct a poll

Another way to make sure your stories are interesting and users are engaged is by adding a series of polls. Grab your users attention and gain a bit of market research? Go on then! We all know how important conducting market research is and what better way than to ask your most engaged followers online? A fantastic trend for stories at the moment is the ‘this or that’ trend, where brands will post two images of their products and get users to vote on their favourites. This could work for singular products or even entire colourways or ranges.

A story takeover

Get industry professionals, friends, employees or directors to take over your Instagram story every now and then, this could also make the perfect series on your account. This gives your page the ‘real’ factor and also gives followers a real insight into life at your company.

So there you have it, some starters and tips on Instagram stories! I hope these come in handy – don’t forget to have fun with stories, it is ultimately what they are there for!

(Instagram credit: ASOS & Angelle Collection)


By Katie Robertson