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Content Production Case Study: Paddy Power

Brands such as Paddy Power work with us to create compelling content and video campaigns. We were given a brief which involved creating a series of videos – which would tell a story as it unfolds.

During the summer of 2019, Paddy Power unsponsored several high profile British football teams as part of their #SaveOurShirt campaign. We distributed our Paddy Power video series across our media channels on Facebook and Twitter to 1.) generate maximum reach and 2.) exposure to their chosen target demographic and audience.

Their results from working with KOMI:
⬆️ 1.8 million views
😲 A total reach of 4 million fans
👍 Offline and online PR at massive scale

The campaign was hailed for its creativity and delivery. If you’re looking to get similar results, fill in the form below to arrange a free consultation call with the team at KOMI Social.